Who We Are

Our Story

MaxxCAT was founded in 2007 to expand upon a growing niche in enterprise search solutions: the extreme performance, specialized hardware space. MaxxCAT's product lines have grown from a single high performance search appliance, the original SB-250, to comprehensive lines of high performance, low cost solutions that address some of the leading edge requirements of today's search, storage, and big data industries. All of MaxxCAT's products are designed to provide high performance solutions at the lowest price points in the industry..

In addition, MaxxCAT offers expert integration services and managed hosting in multiple MaxxCAT data centers. Our integration engineers and developers can help customers to quickly develop and deploy MaxxCAT based solutions in record time, and are a good way for customers to leverage their content and systems knowledge with a team of high performance implementers who have built the fastest low cost search and database appliances on the market.

The developers of MaxxCAT come from a systems integration background, so much of the design of the products has been driven towards performance, simplicity and ease of integration. Some or all of these attributes are severely lacking in the legacy products that are offered by MaxxCAT's competitors. MaxxCAT's approach, a combination of special purpose off-the-shelf hardware ("gray box") and the highly optimized and open MaxxCAT software, pays big dividends in the overall price/performance metric, and allow our customers to capitalize on the elegant simplicity of high performance hardware appliances that are easy to configure and use. MaxxCAT's extensive list of features and capabilities is fueled by customer involvement in the development cycle, along with continuous process of performance engineering, and a steadfast commitment to keep everything simple

The MaxxCAT search API is robust, simple and supports user solutions that are as straightforward as searching one website with a single MaxxCAT, to searching large aggregations of heterogeneous data from multiple sources including databases, websites, file systems and applications. Search solutions that run on a standalone SB-255 with 50,000 documents will run unmodified on a MaxxCAT cluster with 16 nodes serving 100,000,000 documents.

Privately held, financially stable with no debt, MaxxCAT has had 32 quarters of uninterrupted profitable growth, has an installed base that spans the globe and has become the acknowledged leader in high performance search hardware.