Search Appliance Hosting

Managed Hosting Options

MaxxCAT can provide complete managed platforms using your MaxxCAT appliances in one or more of our data centers. Our managed platforms allow you to focus on your business, and allow us to focus on getting the maximum performance and uptime from your enterprise search appliances. Nobody can host, tune or manage MaxxCAT appliances as well as the people who invented them.


SB-250 EX-5000 EX-6000
Single Data Center $150/mo. $185/mo. $550/mo.
Dual Data Center $265/mo. $345/mo. $900/mo.
Each Additional Data Center + $145/mo. + $165/mo. + $375/mo.
Standard Features
Rack Space
T1 Internet
Managed Configuration Backup
Automatic Upgrades
Additional Options
Hot Spare Program For any appliances hosted under our dual data center services, uptime is crucial, and MaxxCAT can provide a hot spare behind each of your machines for a fraction of the cost of ownership. Some restrictions apply and pricing is based upon the underlying configuration.
Application Support If your organization requires support beyond basic platform support, MaxxCAT can provide that next level of comfort by dedicating a team of support professionals to support not just your platform, but your application.
Turnkey Application Development To get the most out of your enterprise search solutions, MaxxCAT.s Integration Support Services team gives you access to the most experienced MaxxCAT developers in the world. We have already gone up the learning curve because we built it. Take advantage of our knowledge and tuning to get your solution running in record time, and performing at record levels.