Case Studies

MaxxCAT enterprise search appliances have always been used by our customers for traditional web and intranet search. Because of their high performance, and scalable upgrade path the appliances are also now being used as compute servers and application engines in increasingly complex search solutions that are cloud based, or integrated in real time with databases and other software systems. The case studies below give a representative cross section of how various configurations of MaxxCAT search appliances are being used in the every day, real world of enterprise search.

Adgooroo Logo

Customer: Adgooroo

Configuration: EX-5000 with BobCat Connector

Data: Web-scale SQLServer database, 100,000,000+ records


"Query response time is amazing, we are getting sub-second responses when querying this very large database and it has enabled us to build a much more usable system" more

Farmindustria Logo

Customer: Farmindustria

Configuration: EX-5000

Data: Website and Enterprise Data


Farmindustria was looking for a low-maintenance solution to their search problem that would not require a specialized staff to operate or configure. MaxxCAT has allowed the existing Farmindustria staff to meet the organization's search requirements without disrupting their other projects or schedules. more