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Mini SB-255
Startup Cost $9,990 $3,495
Document Limit 300,000 Unlimited
Query Performance 50 QPM 800 QPM
Target Customer Small Business Small Business
License Perpetual Perpetual
Collections 1 Unlimited
GB-7007 EX-5005
Startup Cost $30,000 $9,995
Document Limit 500,000 Unlimited
Query Performance 300 QPM 3,000 QPM
Target Customer Enterprise / Large Business Enterprise / Large Business
License 2-year Perpetual
Collections Unlimited Unlimited
Wildcards Yes Yes
Stemming Yes Yes
Crawl 3rd Party Sites - Yes
Transparency / Extensibility - Yes
In-Depth Machine Status - Yes

With the search form you can perform a side-by-side comparison of MaxxCAT™ network search appliances to the Google™ Mini and Google™ Search Appliance in real time. Use the drop-down list of queries, or enter new search terms to experience the different search performance demonstrated by this network search comparison. Terms from the building, plastics and chemical industries are especially likely to return results. Users of the enterprise search comparison will discover that the entry-level SB-255 and Enterprise-level EX-5005 network search appliances return results with lightning speed, saving time - which translates to dollars for businesses and enterprises. It is important to note that during the search appliance comparison, as the Google™ mini and Google™ Search Appliance reach their maximum capacity, the SB-255 and EX-5005 still have enough space for collections three times as large as those in the demo.

Additional information for network search comparison purposes is also provided. MaxxCAT™ appliances deliver features unavailable from the Google™ mini and Google™ Search Appliance. Price is perhaps one of the most important enterprise search comparison statistics to note. MaxxCAT™ search appliances cost thousands less than Google™ mini and Google™ Search Appliance. And when comparing the EX-5005 to Google™ Search Appliance, MaxxCAT™ comes out on top again by offering lifetime perpetual use as opposed to a limited, two-year license.

In this enterprise search comparison, the MaxxCAT™ SB-255 and EX-5005 network search appliance models also gain an edge by featuring the ability to crawl third-party sites, in-depth machine status and transparency/extensibility - all of which are not offered with either the Google™ mini or Google™ Search Appliance.

MaxxCAT™ beats its competitors by offering a product that is designed and built from the ground up with performance in mind. This MaxxCAT™ network search comparison reflects MaxxCAT™'s dedication to performance and the high-quality search technology that delivers successful search solutions to our customers.

Queries per minute, or QPM, are a performance measures of the SB-255 and EX-5005 in this network search The EX-5005 can offer QPM speeds that are seven times faster than Google™ Search Appliance, while the SB-255 goes a step further in its network search comparison with Google™ mini - achieving speeds 16-times faster!

If this search appliance comparison still doesn't have you convinced, please schedule free demo with MaxxCAT™ professionals to discover the quality and unmatched performance levels of any of our solutions. Simply contact sales@maxxcat.com.

The test is set up to query a repository of 300,000 documents. If you would like to enter random queries of your own, terms from the building, plastics, and chemical industries are likely to produce results.

To see the truly amazing raw performance of an unloaded MaxxCAT™, contact us via sales@maxxcat.com to schedule a demo.

  1. The Query Execution Time is the amount of time that the query required to execute on the box, irrespective of internet delay. This is the best measure of the performance of the appliance as it is not clouded by internet latency or bandwidth delays.
  2. The Queries per Minute (QPM) figure is the total user perceived speed of the appliances, and includes internet transmission time.
  3. While the Google™ Mini is at its document limit, the MaxxCAT still has room for a collection 3 times as large as this sample.
  4. Both of these servers are in production, each serving the identical query stream to a very active website. As such, performance will vary dependent upon load. Busiest times are 1PM-4PM, EST.