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Do I Need Enterprise Search?

If you spend any amount of time searching through documents, web pages, customer data, legal/medical records, technical specifications, CRM software, PDFS or spreadsheets then you can benefit from installing a search appliance at your organization. It's like adding the power of a site search to your existing intranet, website, databases or disk storage.

Who Uses Enterprise Search?

Large enterprises to small businesses, manufacturers, web based businesses, publishers, universities, law firms and hospitals, all save time and money with search appliances. When a project demands accurate and relevant data, from sales to standards, a smart search that is intuitive and customizable, is critical to success.

Best of All, MaxxCAT™ does it Better Than Anyone!

MaxxCAT Search Appliance

MaxxCAT's line of search appliances provide extreme performance at the industry's lowest price point. These turnkey solutions combine simplicity of installation and an intuitive API with state of the art features and a seamless upgrade path to high availability and clustered solutions.

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MaxxCAT EX-5005 Stack
FlashCAT Cloud Storage Appliance

FlashCAT Storage Appliances

FlashCAT™ series storage appliances are high-performance, cloud integrated local storage appliances. These easily configurable appliances are suitable as a cloud gateway, backup target or high performance NAS devices providing bandwidth and cost minimization for local or cloud enabled data.

MaxxCAT's line of cloud smart storage appliances provides a wide range of benefits including increased performance, scalability, redundancy, disaster recovery, high availability and reliability that can only come with multiply homed data, either via the LAN or WAN. To learn more about about FlashCAT email our sales department.

FlashCAT Storage Appliances